Center Line Festival Foundation

Mission Statement:

To enrich the lives of Center Line residents through community events and festivals bringing art and culture to our small town.

About the Foundation:

The Center Line Festival Foundation is a non-profit organization created in August 2016 to raise funds for the Center Line Independence Festival for the City of Center Line. A committee made up of city employees, business owners, and residents led by a four-person board, the Center Line Festival Foundation is an entirely volunteer run organization.

Inviting talented artists to participate in a variety of forms is the primary purpose the Festival Foundation serves in making the arts accessible to Center Line residents. The musicians and performers at the festival promote well-being for the community and economic growth in the city and surrounding area which will help to grow additional support for future arts programs and projects in the city.

Center Line Festival Foundation Board

Bob Binson, President                                Dennis Champine, Vice President

Shawn Massaria, Treasurer                      Janice Pockrandt, Secretary

Pete Harenski, Trustee                               Karen Pietryzk, Trustee

James Reid, Trustee                                   James Reid, Trustee     

Sue Pauling, Trustee                                   Gary McKinney, Trustee

John Motyka, Trustee                                 Richard Paul, Trustee                            

Nancy Barr                                                     Angela Orlando

Tracy Senyko                                                 Beth Jared         

Christine Akroush                                        Waylon Thacker

Nadia Berry                                

Agendas and Minutes of the Center Line Festival Foundation

January 28, 2021         AGENDA        MINUTES
February 18, 2021        AGENDA        MINUTES
March 25, 2021            AGENDA        MINUTES

April 29, 2021               AGENDA        MINUTES

May 13, 2021                AGENDA        MINUTES

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